Gas Proving and Fan Interlock

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PGF-30 Low Pressure Systems, 0-50mBAR, 24v DC

£495.00 ex VAT

£594.00 inc VAT

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  • Fast to Install - Simple to Operate - Reliable in service
  • RGB LCD Display, Green Background all OK, Flashing Red Alarm etc
  • Key Input Required For Executive Operation
  • Built in Emergency Slam Switch
  • Direct Pressure Measurement, no switches to set up
  • High and Low Pressure Versions Available
  • Self Learning Mode For Fast Installation
  • Add Gas Detectors to the Base Unit at Any Time Flammable Gases, CO, CO2 etc as Required, , , , , , ,


Fast to Install - Simple to Operate - Reliable in service
Gas proving systems are commonly employed where fuel gases are used where there are no flame failure devices to protect against unsafe gas release.

Gas Proving systems are commonly fitted to applications in both teaching and commercial laboratories and commercial kitchens. Gas proving systems control the gas supply valve to an installation. This could be a school laboratory using many Bunsen burner tap outlets or a commercial kitchen using gas fired griddles, wok burners etc. The PGF-30 proving system works by introducing a small amount of gas for a short duration and measuring the pipeline pressure. If a tap or appliance has been left open then the pipeline pressure quickly drops and the PGF-30 signals a leak condition allowing the user to close the outlets and re-try. In this manner all appliances and taps must be closed before the gas supply can be established.

PGF-30 proving systems have a number of advanced features for both the installer and end user.

1. PGF -30 does NOT use pressure switches. The system measures actual pipeline pressure. This means for installers the PGF-30 can ‘learn’ the installation and determine its own pass/fail parameters. For the user, measuring actual pressure provides better reliability and allows further features:

2. Measuring pipeline pressure allows alarm and cut off should low supply pressure be sensed

3. Measuring pipeline pressure allows more sensitive leak detection

4. Both low pressure systems, 0-50mBar and high pressure systems 0-10Bar can be accommodated by selection of the pressure transducer.

5. Gas detection can be added at any time to the basic system for any of IGD’s range of addressable gas detectors. Typical gas detection add on’s could be for CO2, Flammable Gas Detection, toxic gas detection (typically Carbon Monoxide)

6. An air flow probe can be added to add a further level of safety by interlocking with air extract systems. The probe directly measures air flow and can be added to fume hoods, fume cabinets, extract ventilation.

7. Additional inputs are available to add emergency cut off slam switches or to interlock to fire alarm systems so gas supply can be cut off in the event of fire detection.

8. PGF-30 also has a Modbus interface allowing inclusion in a BMS or remote monitoring system if required.

9. PGF-30 has its own built in alarm sounder.

10. PGF-30 has a built in emergency cut off slam switch and a key switch to prevent unwanted access to the controller

11. Volt free relay outputs are provided for additional alarm indication or interfacing.
If you are considering installation of gas supplies into schools, colleges or universities then Building Bulletin 100 may be of interest. IGD have written a white paper to explain the implications of BB100 with respect to gas proving and gas detection. This can be downloaded from our downloads section


  • Types of gases detected: Fuel Gases/Lab Gases
  • Power: 24V DC
  • Outputs: 3 off SPCO Relays 4A Non-Inductive User Configurable, 1 off 4-20mA Linear Output User Configurable
  • Inputs: Up to 24 off Addressable Series Gas Detectors or I/O Modules
  • Display: 2 Lines x 8 Digit LCD Display, Multi-Colour Backlight (Red-Alarm, Yellow-Fault, Blue-Normal)
  • Protection: IP54
  • T90 response time: Sensor Dependant, Pressure Tx T90 2s
  • Operating temperature: 0-55 Deg C
  • Operating humidity: 0-95%RH Non Condensing
  • Sensor Warmup: 30 Seconds
  • Overall dimensions: 200mm Wide x 140mm x 80mm Deep
  • Weight: 840g